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ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI chose to bring God glory by allowing Him to dress me yesterday for the INVADE event that I attended; a night full of music and poetry glorifying Jesus Christ. I had an amazing time, and as it is starting to become colder here in Texas, I paired this look with a black faux leather jacket with spiked out shoulders. Love Culture is the store that I purchased this grey set from; along with pumps, bracelets, and moto’ jacket from Forever21. My hair is tinted purple, but of course as an extremist, I want more, I want more!

As seen in this last shot, my niece thought that she was going to be in all of my shots until I put the #auntiesmackdown on her. Please witness the “I’mnotplayingwithyou,” look.

Serious Note: If you have any questions of who Jesus is, how to obtain salvation, need prayer, or of anything pertaining to the faith in Jesus, please feel free to comment below, e-mail (kali.colter@ttu.edu, for now), send a Facebook message, tumblr question, WHATever way. I will be more than happy to serve you!

I love you present & future Kings!


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