What I Wore to the Lecrae Concert

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Last night was crae crae, pun intended. I attended the Anomaly concert showcasing Lecrae, Andy Mineo, DJ Promote, and my client J. Paul.

I remember being newly saved and looking for new music to listen to as the music that I was accustomed to was becoming less desirable, and offending the Holy Spirit inside of me. So I went to Best Buy and purchased my first Rap album that glorified God, Rehab, by Lecrae. I had it on repeat forever. I remember many nights listening to it in my car, and crying out to God. Especially to the song, Just Like You. The song Falling by Trip Lee is another song that I would have on repeat, especially during temptation or after a great fall. Fast forward to today, I never would’ve imagined three years ago that I would be styling one of the guys that ministered to me so much during a difficult pruning moment in my spiritual life. J. Paul was apart of my healing, which is why I am beyond grateful to work with him.

So, what do you wear to a Lecrae concert?! I’ve been wanting to do a denim on denim look for months; however every time I went shopping, something was not right. I preferred boyfriend jeans, but they are more flattering for a woman with a straight/boyish figure. Curves fill out boyfriend jeans, taking away the boyish look. But problem solved, go one size up if you share this dilemma with me. Yeah it may be loose around your waist, but isn’t that how most younger guys wear their jeans anyway?

  IMG_9552  IMG_9560 IMG_9561 IMG_9567  IMG_9570 IMG_9572 IMG_9573 IMG_9576   IMG_9582 IMG_9585 IMG_9587    IMG_9603 IMG_9606   IMG_9618

This look was totally inspired by first God, and secondly, current menswear trends. I’ve been researching them so much for my client, that it’s rubbed off on me. In the fitting room, I kept asking God, do you like this? are you sure? ehh it’s kind of regular God I’m going to a Lecrae concert! it’s not so flattering. is this modest enough? The Holy Spirit kept on reassuring me, hushed all of the insecurity, and then He said red lips and red nails. Internally I screamed, did a little fitting room dance, and was like, God you are the best stylist EVER! I loved it, so I immediately bought everything. This look is Lecrae concert approved; as I was able to dance all night and also able to dress myself up a little more than a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, without being on #TeamTooMuch.

Denim Top – H&M

Boyfriend Jeans – H&M

Gold Chain Necklace – H&M

Philtrum Jewelry – Icing

Makeup – MAC + Ruby Woo Lipstick

Shoes – Torrid

Haven’t gotten your tickets yet? Click on the image below to find a concert location near you!

The Anomaly Tour ft. Lecrae with Special Guests

So tell me, what are you wearing to the Lecrae Concert?

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