Church Wedding

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Last weekend, I was so torn on how to spend my Easter holiday.

Since birth, it has been a tradition to travel to the country and spend it with my family. However, I had serving opportunities, and I was also invited to a wedding by my friend/brother in Christ. So I decided that I would miss my family gathering, as I would see them in the following month for graduation season. I decided to attend this beautiful wedding, where I met many beautiful spirits. My friend had a good time as he ate everything he could not have if not on a hiatus of his clean eating journey. I decided to join him and guiltlessly enjoyed the donut cake and Texas roadhouse rolls.

I didn’t take my camera to the event, as I wanted to honor the occasion and live in the moment. I made sure to capture what I wore to the wedding the following day.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I started to truly miss being with my family, and spontaneously drove to Crockett, TX. These pictures were taken in my maternal grandparents’ church. It was there that I delivered some of my greatest speeches!

Throughout the shoot I was overwhelmed by the sacrifice of Jesus, and was in and out of prayer for others while praising the Lord for overcoming the world.

“What love is this, that you gave your life for me?”

Check out the remaining photographs within this collection on my VSCO Journal here!

Dress – H&M
Earrings – Nordstrom Rack
Shoes – Forever21
Purse – Sam Moon
Body Jewelry – Icing

Braids by Kim Oniya
Book with her now! She is AMAZING!
IG – @kimboleeeee

I pray that resurrection day kept you mindful of how much YOU are adored by the Holy Lord, Jesus Christ. You bae.

May God’s grace be with you!


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