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An Ode to 24

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Hi 24 year old Kali,


this is 23 year old Kali.

Man! You had a great year of being 23. It was challenging, but nonetheless amazing. You can trace God’s love all throughout!


24 is going to be just as awesome. I have a feeling that 24 might be rough. You’re going to really grow as you’ll be tested by the Lord. You’re also going to experience hardships. Just from being human. You’ll be attacked from Satan. And mostly… you’ll battle yourself.

But be brave baby. Fight with tears in your eyes. When your heart is low, right exactly then I want you to think of why the pain is worth it.


You gotta keep going. Yes my love. I know you’ve flattered yourself into thinking that life is to be perfect since knowing Christ. Really! It’s a cute thought. However my love.. it will never be reality.

But it’s an honor. Bad news will never triumph the Good News. Bad news will never triumph the Good News. Jesus took away your sins so that you may be reconciled to the Father. So lift your hands and praise God, for he is good. He is forever faithful. He is kind. And he loves you MADLY!


The Lord makes your heart beat. The Lord is breathing the air into your lungs. The Lord gives you a hope and a future. The Lord is your strength. You gotta keep going.

It’s okay to be in love again. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to walk away from toxic relationships. I give you permission 24 year old Kali.


You keep going. You go & inspire someone else. You’re free. Now go tell them how to be free! Even if your lungs are weak, talk. Fill each sentence with all of their capacity, until they collapse. Even if people are intentionally planning to punish you, move. Walk through the fire while your senses near the hair follicles on the tip of your nose, yelp & yodel.


You’re gonna be alright. If God is for you, then what can be against you? Jesus is enough! Now go & always remember…

it’s not about you.


Expectant, excited, & with love,

23 year old Kali

TKK-Odeto24-0016Dress – H&M

Shoes – Dillard’s

Earrings – Nordstrom

Nose Ring – Claire’s

Happy birthday to the July born!

How would you encourage yourself going into your next birthday year? Or if you’ve been 24 before, what would you tell your 24 year old self? Share below!

May God’s grace be with you!

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