Dress Code Policy Struggle

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I’ve always struggled greatly with “rules” to fashion. Whenever I’m given a fashion box, I instinctively rebel by demolishing the… what box?


I think my boss has accepted this millennial culture and has been a little more relaxed on work attire; as the Millennial’s really desire to have purpose, and to be accepted as, what is perceived to be who they truly are.


Or Jesus is seriously throwing major grace my way..


But then I snapped into my senses & into some pants, whenever I remembered that I would be working closely with kids. Ha ha! This is an after 5pm skirt anyways for me, in my head.


What’s the secret to dressing as yourself, but professionally? I’m sure that it can be done, however I strongly dislike purchasing clothing for specific events & purposes, (ahem! Corporate ‘merica & fitness gyms.) I tend to buy whatever I adore, & throw it into my closet until the perfect occasion presents itself.


Top & Bottom- Forever21

Shoe – Dillard’s

Please pray for my submission to attire appropriateness. Well, really my obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, & share some tips below.

Joyful huUuump daAaaay!

May God’s grace be with you!

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