Drafted: Four Months Ago “The Declaration”

I’m going to love you until the Lord says stop.
I am going to trust Him with my heart.

I am going to trust that the will of Jesus, will be done.
I will not allow bitterness within my heart.

I will choose who will be in my life.
I do have the authority, and do not care if the world says to be tolerant.
Bad company corrupts..

I will be loving, cordial, and respecter of man.
I will stay focused on the Lord.

I still need to limit social networking.
I will guard myself against being insecure.

No it is not jealousy.
I have no time for little foxes.

This is not about me.
You all’s relationship is toxic.

I do not condone it.
You do not have to choose.

I choose to not have her.

I will remain until the Lord changes my season.
Consequences I’m sure will affect it.

The Lord will be sought daily, as I do not know what I am doing.
I just know that He has not told me to leave.

We, have a choice.

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