Happy National Improvement Month

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Remember all of that, Healing journey thing? Yeah, still on it.


While I was in the LAX airport two weekends ago, awaiting my delayed flight back to Dallas; I figured it to be an opportune time to type up & share with you what’s been written in my healing journal.



The first page has HEALING written at the very top, as shown to me by God. Then, of course He listed the areas of my life, as if chapters in a book, that need His healing. Not that He hasn’t been doing the work, but that I need to now work and consciously do my part.

• Money / Finances / Giving
• Daddy
• Food / Eating Disorder
• Body Shaming
• Value / Identity
• Love
• Trusting God / Fear
• People Bondage
• Discipline
• Diligence / Time
• Physical Health / Fitness
• Selfishness
• Friendship



I so rolled my eyes when I looked at this list again. I’m still not wanting to deal & create anxiety of this journey. But that’s negative Nancy, & she’d rather be stagnant and not mature and grow. Cancel Nancy. Delete.


September is National Improvement Month!

I don’t want to act like superwoman, (as if I am the source,) and say that in the month of September I am going to tackle all of these areas and be okay. I am just sharing with you & challenging you to identify those messed up areas to give to God this month.


Photography by Jennifer Woods

Romper – H&M
Shoes – ZARA
Necklace, Ring, Sunglasses, & Purse – Forever21
Nose Rings – Icing


I am going to charge September with changing my poor habits in these areas and into positive, healthy, and effective ones. As I deal, I will share with you by the Lord’s leading.

Let’s encourage each other! Comment below on how you’re going to improve this September.

May God’s grace be with you beloved.


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