Faces of Heartbreak


I did it wrong. I made it too easy.

Question your love!
Do you love him because he’s gone?
What is it about him that’s foundational, and can’t be altered within the blink of an eye? What is it that you love of him?

I can’t think of anything more than, I do because He does.

…here are the things I desire and that I love of Jesus.

He knows me. He knows my heart. The good, the bad, the ugly.

I want my partner to desire to know everything about me, who I am; the unfaltering part.

Jesus stays with knowing me. He loves me. He comforts me. He doesn’t ask for more. I don’t have to prove my worth. i am. He doesn’t punish me for the less desirable part, but gets disappointed because He knows I’m better than that behavior or sin. He prods me to be all of what, “I AM.”

I want my partner to always stay. To always commit, daily. Never to make a threat to go.

But there was a reason I allowed him to choose me.
A reason I stayed…

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