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What is YOUR part?

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I pray:
LORD please help me to desire you.
LORD please help me with discipline & self-control.


And honestly, a prayer for too long now.


Nothing is wrong with asking for help from the Lord, who can & will provide, according to His will.

But why aren’t things changing?
Why aren’t you growing & maturing?

Why are you desiring things of the world more so?
Why isn’t quiet time a priority?
Why isn’t fellowship as important?
Why isn’t serving through all of your God entrusted gifts okay?
Only do you pick and choose which ones you’ll use as you desire… or have time for.


Compromising on the things that displease God, with your misconstrued thinking of how to live in today’s world.
The only change you should be making is more to resemble of our Holy God, who doesn’t change.
He gives mercy. But our Lord does not change.

It’s me you see.


So I’m tired of wandering & being comfortable.
I don’t believe in a stand still, because if you aren’t intentionally moving towards God… you are slowly drifting, away.


TODAY, I choose to serve God.

TODAY, I prompt you to choose too.

Who will you choose to serve?
You can’t have two masters.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Woods

Top, Skirt, & Accessories – Forever21
Shoes – Tory Burch

Check out the sermon that Jesus gave me conviction through here.

May God’s grace be with you!

We all have a part to play, comment below telling me what is YOUR part?

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