Testimony Tuesday: Beverly Eze



As someone who used to do hair (just an old high school side hustle,) I don’t trust too many people ‘in my head.’ For one, I think that I have enough skills and sense to watch a youtube video to achieve a look. And secondly, DIY hairstyle equals saving $100+ that could go toward a new look from any of my favorite stores. Outfits definitely reign more supreme in my personal budgeting than beauty.

90% of the time I am usually digging my fro, so I rarely desire a new hairstyle. But if I am in the market of changing my style, (hair style that is,) Beverly Eze is one of the few that I actually trust, ‘in my head,’ as she is one to go beyond satisfaction. I personally choose beauty businesses that provide services that are passionate about what they do; and the only thing better than passion is purpose.

Not only has Beverly Eze made me more conscious of healthy hair with leading by example, but it was easy to trust her because she cares about health as a whole; may it be physically, spiritual, or nutritional, and I love learning about health and how I can better myself. Plus, she is just dang good. Refer to this post from two years ago to witness yourself a time when she killed my purple braids.

Beverly Eze is a 22 year old who does hair styling in Houston, TX. She also has a beauty vlog on Youtube, is #GodsGirlBoss, and has recently graduated from Texas Tech University.


Kali: Tell me about yourself.

Beverly Eze: I am a Nigerian-American girl who loves God, loves meeting new people, and loves dogs. My hobbies are cooking, doing hair, traveling when my bank account permits, and arts & crafts.

Tell me about your brand, Beverly Eze.

The brand Beverly Eze (pronounced Eh-Zay,) is a vision that the Lord gave me while studying abroad in Europe during the summer of 2015. After making up my mind that the medical route was not for me, I decided to seek God’s face about what He wanted me to do and in which field He wanted me to serve Him in. When I finally decided to pursue my passion, it was a like breath of fresh air. The Beverly Eze brand strives to not only make women outwardly beautiful through various hair styles and more, but to uplift, inspire, and encourage women because true beauty comes from within.

That’s so beautiful! How did you feel and what were you thinking when you made up your mind to leave the medical route?

I made myself believe I was passionate about the medical route simply because it was something my family had instilled in me from a young age. It wasn’t until one day a friend said to me, “I know you are pursing medicine and all but is that REALLY what you want to do? You talk about hair and beauty more than medicine.” I heard something similar from friends in the past but that conversation made me re-evaluate my life. When I decided to tell my parents, I was nervous. The beauty industry tends to be looked down upon by my culture because it is not on the same caliber as doctors or lawyers. My parents weren’t too happy about my decision at first but they’ve become supportive now that they’ve seen how much this vision means to me and the work I’ve put in.

It’s a new year, what are your goals for 2016? Personally, and for the brand Beverly Eze?

Some of my personal goals for 2016 involve simply to seek God more. I’m excited to serve more! In ministry, in my community, my home, etc. As for the Beverly Eze brand, a goal of mine is to give back to the community with what I have now. I would like to publicize more and have giveaways too. I also hope to put together another photo shoot and style people for weddings and editorials.


You mentioned your brand giving back. In what ways would you like to give back to your community now?

I would like to have a prom giveaway where I collaborate with a makeup artist and provide a deserving high school girl with the opportunity to have her hair and makeup done for no cost. Prom can be very costly so it is the least I can do for now.

Do you have any advice for those stepping out on a God-vision?

My advice for those stepping out in faith on a God given vision would be to seek God first and foremost, (Matthew 6:33). Also, write your vision in a book or even make a vision board. I don’t believe that goals and dreams should stay in our head. Write it down and make it plain. Ask yourself, “is the ultimate goal for this vision to bring God glory?” Once that is established, put one foot in front of the other and begin working towards your God-given vision.

That’s great! Would you like to share your testimony of how you accepted Jesus for salvation?

Sure. As a kid, I remember being involved in church activities. I even knew how to recite all the 66 books of the Bible. I grew up always going to church, but in my mind, it was just something people do Sundays. I did not know or care to have a relationship with Christ. When I left to college, I thought this was my chance to finally be, “free,” not knowing the enemy had me right where he wanted me. I was still living in sin my sophomore year and it left me so empty. I was just tired of being tired. That following summer after my sophomore year was when I heard the Gospel and what Jesus did for me on the cross. The Spirit of God ravished my heart and it’s been history ever since.

Referring to your brands goals of not only making women outwardly beautiful through hair styles, you mentioned that you also want to uplift, inspire, and encourage women because true beauty comes from within. Can you give me more insight on true beauty coming from within?

In today’s society, we’ve allowed society to set a standard of how a woman should look; a false sense of beauty. We spend so much money on, “beating our faces,” and, “slaying our hair,” but we don’t take the time to work on ourselves. It saddens me that some of these women don’t even love themselves and rely on likes from social media for validation because that is where their identity lies. Makeup and hair is great but how awesome would society be if we as women strive to uplift encourage, and empower one another? True beauty starts with knowing who you are in Christ first, and using that to encourage other women to find their true identity.

What message would you like to leave the world?

We can achieve great things, build great brands, even become famous. But without Christ all of that is meaningless. He’s the reason behind everything I do and I’ve noticed a difference in my life and the things I do when I let God take over. He gave me new insight on things; and even when I fail at certain things along the way, He makes living worth while. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-7


Check out these images from Beverly’s recent photoshoot entitled, “10 Shade of Beauty.”


You can make an appointment with Beverly Eze on Styleseat right now! Also follow and like Beverly Eze on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, for future give aways and to keep up to date with everything involving this amazingly new beauty & health brand.

What do you think of this new brand? Say so in the comment section.

May God’s grace be with you!

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