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Saint Heron Brings “PROCLAMATION!” to Houston

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On Wednesday I began to plan a trip to Houston for that following Friday after receiving a screenshot of a Saint Heron instagram post by my girl Mel with a caption of, “OMG sis !!!”

Finally a PROCLAMATION party in Houston! PROCLAMATION is a party series hosted by the Saint Heron team encouraging one to “express [their] manifestos and leave them at the door,” as stated upon their website.


Instantly I replied back a confirmation that I purchased my ticket and was going to be there after doing a happy dance in a fast food drive thru line.

I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to attend a Saint Heron event. I didn’t think it would be this soon, as I was banking on them hosting something during the Mardi Gras season while Mel, a few friends, and I would be visiting New Orleans.

I always imagined that if a Saint Heron event to be thrown in Houston, that it would be the best one to date due to the founder’s roots. After immediately purchasing my ticket, I invited others within my iPhone contacts who also favor Saint Heron and Solange, because she was the host.


Upon arriving to the event location, Julep, I walked right passed writing my proclamation and began meeting people my friend Mel calls friends. After that, we went inside to dance to songs that are not on today’s top 40, but songs you would hear at your family reunion; those songs you sang hard to in the shower while growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, the songs that made you fall in love or a proud Houstonian.



I enjoyed the many songs played with memories that are my type of house party approved for great dancing. The set was spun by Solange’s DJ that flew in from LA, however one could tell that the playlist was curated by her.

After said hard singing, dancing, complimenting all of the great style and juicy fro’s in the room, we then wrote our PROCLAMATION before having an on site photoshoot.


The only thing I wished to happen less was the major Solange stalking. We all adore her, however it would have been cool if she was viewed more as a human, and appreciated for her art, aesthetic, and creating an opportunity for us all to connect.

It was major fan-girling happening and I wished more could’ve stayed within the moment by dancing, having a good time, being present, meeting others, instead of literally staring at her in the middle of the dance floor. True story. Stalker vibes are no longer cool in 2016.



However, I’m glad that I traveled to Houston in two short days of notice to spend time with my girl Mel, to meet a lot of creatives, work with Mel & a new photographer named Eric (who is beyond brilliant), slightly fan-girl, dress up & go out, and meet Mel’s family & boyfriend.

_MG_4556Wearing Topshop & Forever21. Photographed by Melanee Brown.

Have you ever been to a PROCLAMATION in your city? Tell me your experience in the comment section!

May God’s grace be with you.

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