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Ride Around in that H-Town

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Day 2!

After the proclamation I got the amazing opportunity to work with two sick photographers. All they were needing was a subject, and I was thanking God to be available.

Due to unforeseen weather that caught us en route to the photoshoot, we had to scout a new location. As we drove around Houston, I got a chance to become more familiar with my two photographers for the day. What a lucky gal right?!

You can tell by now that I love my girl Melanee Brown. She is the first photographer had since being birthed by God. She makes me comfortable through insecurities. She is extremely patient and professional, although she doesn’t have to be because we are homegirls. I love her eye and will always be a big fan of her work. You can check out Melanee’s photographs from our day together below and check out her portfolio here!

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Because Melanee is such a humble and hardworking beast, I had the opportunity to meet Eric. Eric agreed to meeting with Melanee to teach and collab. I am so glad that I met Eric. Eric is this amazingly witty, and genuine creative. We discussed future goals, our travel experiences, and our personal occurrence of our previous night with Solange. We also discussed where we were from that was accompanied with relatable family stories. 87% of this conversation was delivered through sarcasm and laughter. After having a fun experience of working with Eric, then did I get to know more of him through his website. This post revealed how much more brilliant he is, and why I am glad to have met him. You can check out Eric’s photographs from our day together below and check out his portfolio here!

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Wearing H&M & Puma X Solange Trinomic XT2 Trainer

After the photoshoot, I grabbed my favorites to-go’s for my sister Mithi, nephew Aiden, and for myself, which are Timmy Chan’s & the Shipley’s on Ella. Then the three of us got on the road to Dallas AKA Triple D.

It’s interesting to see the end result to an artists eye. I’m definitely using these amazing images for marketing purposes. Thank you Melanee, Eric, and CJ for such a fun, productive, and freezing day out. I wouldn’t want to ride around in that H-Town with anyone other than you guys.

A trip to Houston is always refreshing for my roots. Have you ever traveled to Houston? What do you love to do when you ride around in that H-Town? Comment below telling me what you like to do and what you love about my hometown.

May God’s grace be with you!

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