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Mardi Gras 2016

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Day 1!


We made it to New Orleans on a Wednesday. We being my framily which includes siblings, coworkers, family friends, close friends, associates, and new faces. We were starving as soon as we touched down to New Orleans, so we went to our favorite New Orleans spot, the Praline Connection after checking into the Westin on Canal Street. After filling our tummies, we walked down to Canal street to see the evening parades as they just began to roll. Being that we were at the end of the parade route, we decided to kill some time on Bourbon street where we rode mechanical bulls, danced to cover artists and their live bands, and sang karaoke at the Cat’s Meow until 5AM.


This jumpsuit onesie from Forever21 was perfect for travel woes and straight to the streets. Comfort is most important for traveling due to many factors, so I understand that style is usually compromised. But no longer will it have to be with a jumpsuit as this. You can also pair this jumpsuit with your favorite trainers. And my favorite travel tip to save space in your traveling gear is you and your travel companions wearing your furs on the plane.


Day 2!


Sick ALL day! I’m such a grandma. My day to day life involves me going home to my cats after work and having a decent bedtime with an early rise. So staying out until 5am singing Karaoke after a day of traveling KILLED me. I finally started to feel better around 8pm which was just in time to dance in Willie’s Chicken Shack on Bourbon.

My popsicle jumpsuit from ASOS was perfect for a day of recovery from the previous night. I had my red ASOS coat on for the day until a family friend stated that it to be wise to change back into my longer coat since day two was colder. So before I left to for the night, I changed back into my black and white ASOS coat.

Sad Side Note: My friends and I knew that Solange was going to be on a parade this night, however, none of us were in a rush to get to her and got distracted by going back to the Karaoke spot to perform Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child. It was great as we performed whatever we remembered from the video, which was enough because 3 out of 5 of us were Houston girls.


Day 3!


Initially my framily planned on having a theme of Black Hollywood for the Zulu Ball. I dedicated to stick with it, and put a modern twist so that it wouldn’t seem like a costume.


My eye spotted nothing other than red this year while dress shopping online and at grapevine. And I also love a monochrome look. The beautiful jewelry from Terry Costa helped with the vision I had for myself with jewels and stones. Also the opera gloves were fun thanks to those at Dallas Vintage Thrift. Off the shoulder sleeves helped balance out my hips and overall pear shape along with the trumpet style on my gown.


Ruth styled my hair & did a wonderful job on my makeup for the Zulu Ball. I only asked to make sure that I had a red lip and deep pregnant Kim Kardashian contouring. She did that + more.


Sad Side Note 2: Solange and Gang were at the Zulu Ball as well. Did we see them? No. They must’ve been in the other VIP across the stage.


I had a great time dancing with Uncle Charlie Wilson, singing sad love songs with Deniece Williams, and bouncing with Juvenile. Also I lived for the second line before we had our seat and dinner.


Day 4!


We rose early to go to the Westbank for the NOMTOC parade. We make sure to leave the inner city to be apart of another culture within New Orleans.


No makeup and a neutral style in fashion meant a pop of color with my favorite Zara shades that I got in LA last summer.


Get at least one fanny pack in your life! They are important for events such as Mardi Gras or for the summer music festivals. I got my faux leather motorcycle jacket styled fanny pack from Sam Moon. It is originally a crossover bag, however I tightened the straps as tight as possible, and hooked it around my hips for a perfect fanny!


Later that night after getting back to Canal, my sister rented a balcony on Bourbon street because the city is crazy crowded by the weekend. Bourbon is ridiculous to do on Saturday. You are body to body and it’s not fun as you attempt to get down the road. With the room, we ate delicious eggrolls, pasta, catfish, king cake and more. After pandora doing no justice 15 minutes within my arrival, DJ K$$$ (me) began to spin (create an iTunes playlist) and got the party started. It was personal like a house party, and that’s what I enjoy most. I love having a good time within an intimate setting with those I adore. This is probably the best night during the entire trip, which is hard to say because I honestly had a great time every night in New Orleans.


Of course with Mel, it’s a photoshoot.


The style goal when traveling to New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season are multipurpose looks. It’s imperative to have a dual fit. Day to night all in one based upon your day. You are having so much fun as you walk around, laugh, eat, dance, and your entire time is spontaneous, so your look must be ready for anything. Plus who has time to take out of their good time to change looks by going back to the hotel? It’s not that serious. To me, it’s all about looking festive and celebrating with the New Orleans people.


I highly recommend Doc marten’s, Converse’s, or any comfortable shoe that you do not mind possibly getting dirty and worn in while in New Orleans. Anything with a heel is dumb, dumb, dumb! Do not even pack them, unless you are going to a krewe ball. But I end up switching into my Puma trainers anyways at the ball.


Two films because both are amazing edits by Melanee Brown!


I went for a pink wig because I have been craving the look for years! However, after college and while you are adulting, the opportunities are slim to have a successful professional life with pink hair unless you are working within an industry where it is acceptable. That’s not my life as of now, so 5 days on vacation was fulfilling.


Day 5!

Vamonos! We had an early flight so we literally woke up and got ready to go straight to the airport and back to Dallas to watch the Super Bowl 50. I had such an amazing time and love the magical city of New Orleans. We couldn’t help ourselves on the last night but to begin planning Mardi Gras 2017!

All photos were taken by the amazing Melanee Brown excluding Day 2, which were blackmail images from my brother… the only image I had of my look. Click here to check out other images from our New Orleans trip that Melanee Brown photographed.

Have you ever visited New Orleans? What about Mardi Gras? Tell me about your experience in the comment section!

May God’s grace be with you!

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