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Introversion Note to Jesus Level: Extreme

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I remember a time when I didn’t have any friends.
I remember it was just You, and just me.
I want to find life and live it abundantly.
I want to do it alone,
alone with You.

Cold. Presently not present.
Exclamation mark on the end of excommunicated.
I want to be forever alone with the One who will never hurt me, leave me, bruise me, and whom continuously bleeds for me.

I must remind myself that this isn’t real life. One day, there’ll be no more pain for us all. No more anger, nor hurting the Lord. No more bitterness. No more pride and shame. No more games and running the same mountain again. No more people nor angels, who are lame for wanting fame.

Jesus + KaliĀ (and the cats), forever.

We gone thug it out until the end!




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In order to help others, I need to get out of that, “everyone is out to get you,” mentality. You can never live in the moment and enjoy the laughter, or even the refining from sorrow. You are trying to think ahead to control and avoid an unknown, but determined future. Chill out. Better yet, chillax.


Love Me Too

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Why is it hard to accept that you didn’t, love me too?

You only loved you,
and her,
and him.
Oh, and yo’ granny!
Maybe ya mama too.

But never an, “I love you too.”


Clean Up Woman

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A woman cleans when she’s upset.
I’ve turned from my vices,
so I’ll mop instead of smoke a cigarette.
No wine tonight,
I’ll wake in a clean home without regret.

A woman gets upset when she cleans.
I keep finding his things.
A card here, a gift there.
Each pair with a memory,
and now a tear.


Again and Again

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You can still be lovely Mama.
You don’t have to be ashamed Mama.

You’re beautiful.
You are alive. You don’t have to die Mama.

Who are you today?

Love again. Live again.
You didn’t die with them.

Or, you did.
Now raise again by the power of Jesus.
Come alive again.

Let Him redefine you.
The old you is dead, with those men.
The past hurt, pain, and shame are buried to never rise again Mama.

It’s okay to love again.
It’s okay to love again.
Love Him now.
Love again.

Cheers to the one Man who will never make you feel hurt again.

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Shattered Assumptions Theory

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My assumptions aren’t kind.
Please don’t let them rob me blind,
Of you.
What I saw.
What I know true.
How you were falling in love with me,
as I with you.

My assumptions aren’t nice.
They often have me to think twice,
Of you.
What I saw…
What I know true?
How you were falling in love with me,
as I with, you?