Glorify Jesus in all things… especially style.

I struggled greatly when first saved on what to wear to church. Me not regularly attending throughout my life, and with a closet FULL of club clothes, I was so lost on the fashion. With relying on the Lord in this area, I wish I had an inspiration page to check on Saturday nights in preparation for the next day.

‘Church Clothes’ is a new category on to be featuring every Sunday, showcasing YOUR church style. Images submitted will be featured on and social platforms.

To submit, send: name, age, location, what you are wearing, with 1 clear, unfiltered high resolution image (no collages & no cell phone/bathroom mirror photos,) to

For example: ‘Church Clothes Submission’

Kali. 24. Dallas, TX
Wearing Forever21 & Tory Burch

Submit YOUR Sunday flow to to inspire other misfits that you can love the Lord while wearing your sneakers, suit & tie, grills & slugs, longline shirts, leather jackets, man buns, skirts, pastel hair, piercings & tattoos, jeans, joggers, heels, and your Bible tote in hand. Let’s focus on Jesus, and less focus on acceptance by appearance.

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