Lilian Levite


Lilian Levite “The Fixer”

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Check out my best friend Lilian Levite who ministered last night at an Open Mic Night here in Dallas, TX. Completely free-styled, & that is how God has been having her roll to His glory.

If this has blessed you too, please share below!

May God’s grace be with you!


What I Wore to the Woman of Purpose Conference

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Glory to Jesus Christ for our therapy session this past weekend. Women were freed from the strongholds of sin by the saving power of Jesus. We wept together, prayed fervently for one another, clung onto each other, repented together, and genuinely encouraged one another!
Thankfully, the entire conference has been recorded! I did not attend the first night regretfully; however once my best friend, Lilian Levite, made it home from the conference and testified of her being an attendee on Friday, to God exposing his plan of having her as a minister of song the next day was surreal. In support of her, I witnessed spiritual defeat and healing in the women of our generation that Saturday morning. You can witness the same yourself at the bottom of this post!I am already excited for next years conference. Check out what I wore this year!
Featuring, Marchesa the Cat.

Dress –¬†Thrifted

Shoes – Dolce Vita

Necklace – Forever21

Body Jewelry – Icing

New nose piercing, wa-hoo!

Have a blessed morning & may God’s grace be with you all!